Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Weekends in the lab

Weekends in the lab are always a little weird. 

This Saturday I decided to work on some PCRs and while listening to my favorite band on my iPod I walked towards the ice machine to get a bucket of ice.

There it is, at the end of the hallway, sitting next to the nitrogen tank.

I open the lid, ready to grab some ice and my hand stops mid-air. WHAT the ...!?

Close up.

Foto: Mojca

Needles to say that this totally made my day:-) Also, true story:-)



  1. I've seen beers inside ice machines =P

  2. Somehow, after two years in polish lab, this does not surprise me :P

  3. wish to get inside these labs in near future.... its not as boring as it seems like...