Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Perversity of the Universe

Say hello to first reader submission. Yay:-) 
I love the quote:-)

Thanks to MM for sending me this.


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  1. I typed it up from the image, for your ease of re-posting as a facebook status. This is the perfect time for this message, to balance the cheerful holiday well-wishes inundating our world right now!

    "The Perversity of the University. Similar to Murphy's Law but much more cruel. It's not that everything that can go wrong does go wrong. Rather, things go right just often enough to inspire hope for future success, then things go wrong to crush that hope. The odds of failure go up in proportion to your emotional investment in the process and the degree to which you have developed hope for success. Murphy's law assumes the univerise tends towards failure...the perversity theory says the universe tends towards despair."