Friday, July 15, 2011

US dairy: Day 1 of my third visit

My first day back in USA was spent: waking up at 5 am (damn jet-lag), doing nothing productive in the lab and 4 hours long lunch followed by more drinks:-)

Life is good:-)


We value human life. Sometimes.



Wednesday, July 13, 2011

You know you´re ...

... a chemist when ...

... The Mercedes symbol looks like an eclipsed conformation.
... The first thing you reach for in the morning are your prescription safety glasses.
... All your shirts have holes.
... All your scars are not from bar fights but from chemical burns.
... Someone offers you acid, but its not what you expected.
...Describing sexual positions you use SN1, SN2 and all your friends know what you are
   talking about. (Theoritically)
... Kids ask you how Santa fits through a small chimney and you reply, "Duh, tunneling effect."
... You buy a sleeping bag but its not for camping trips.
... You BBQ with the Bunsen burner.
... You say its the size that matters, but you're really talking about molecular radii.
... You have blisters from playing with your molecular model kit
... You are fed up of people saying alcohol, when they mean ethanol
... You hear the word 'Molar' and teeth are the last thing on your mind.
... You habitually wash your hands BEFORE and AFTER using the restroom
... You know what saline water is composed of
... You hear "ABS" and you think about acrylnitril-butadiene-styrol copolymer instead of
     anti-lock breaking system.
... You hear that someone had a bicycle crash and you think that he couldn't handle
    working with  Naphthalene.
... You stare at the bottle of water and begin to wonder how you would separate all those ions.
... When a friend offers you a glass of amaretto after dinner, you have a sip and say
     "Ahh, Benzaldehyde..."
... You look at a hexagonal-shaped cookie and think of benzene, not a hexagon.
... I and Me can be iodine and methyl when read...
... OH is a hydroxy group, not Ohio
... The stick figures you draw are carbon and not people.
... when you are humming "dilution is the solution to pollution" while looking at a urinal.
... You put a vodka shot in a 100 ml beaker.
... You use two stirring rods as chop sticks.
... You use the magnetic stirrer as a mixer for your drinks.
... You use the chemostat as an aquarium.
... You use the fume hood as a closet.
... You don't say table sugar but call it sucrose, and you call common table salt as sodium chloride.
... Someone says, "I love U" and you think they are talking about Uranium!
... You use coke not for drinking, but for cleaning pennies
... You realize your most visited site is not a pornographic one: it's Chemistry Blog
     or Chemical Forums!
... You understand these jokes and laughed at them.



Monday, July 11, 2011

Lab Safety Rule No. 1


You know you´re ...

... a biologist when

You open the toothpaste with one hand.
You wash your hands before and after using the washroom.
When you hear tween, you think of the surfactant not the age group.
For you, media is something which increases your culture.
You can identify organs on roadkills.
You have a callus on your thumb.
You use the word "aliquot" in regular sentences.
Sometimes you momentarily vanish from social activities because of a timepoint.
You've never worn a clean lab coat.
You don't fear rodents, rodents fear you.
You say "orders of magnitude" in regular sentences.
You flinch when you hear the word "significant".
Showing up at 10AM and having a coffee is a productive day.
You can't stand god-like physicians, while secretly wishing you had their job.
You're very good at diluting things.
You're also very good at transferring small amounts of liquid between containers.
You are fed up of people saying alcohol, when they mean ethanol.
You hear the word ‘Molar’ and teeth are the last thing on your mind.
You say “conjugation” instead of “sex”, and "pili" sounds dirty.
SOB is not an insult, it's what you grow your bugs in.
You say "mills" and "megs".
No-one in your family has any idea what you do.
You can make a short film in power point.
You consider a green laser pointer to be science bling.
A falcon is not a bird....
And you have 5 of them with different types of water.
When your fruits go bad and you get fruit flies, you can't help but check their eye colour
You own invitrogen t-shirts and actually wear them.
You think that drosophila geneticists have a good sense of humour.
You refer to your children as the F1 (I LOVE this one:-)).
You've suffered carpal tunnel from the pipetman.
You've used kimwipes as kleenex.
A timer clipped to the hip is not only practical, but dead sexy.
You've played Battleship using tip boxes.
The front pages of Science is your light reading.
You think the following is a quality insult: "I've seen cells more competent than you!".
The scent of latex reminds you of work, not play.
You're looking for a cooking book by maniatis.
You've made dry ice grenades (so true:-)).
You've lost many friends to ice grenades...

Click for Part II here.

I AM a biologist:-)

Click for Part II here.

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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cleaning Superhero

Geting ready for cleanin´ the lab:-) Lol, check out this.


"Bagpipes and ncode rapid mirna labeling system, two things of beauty" xD

Its a good one:-)