Tell us something about you.
Im a grad student (hopefully not for long anymore) working in stem cell biology lab. Im from Slovenia (chicken-shaped county in southern Europe) but Im currently living in US on East Coast. I love to write, draw (though Im not as good as I would like to be), I love photography and traveilling. With the help of some friends (yes, I mean you N. and Z.) I am working on this blog.

How long have you been blogging/what made you start this blog?
Well, I started blogging in may 2011 after thinking about it for a while. There are days when I wish I will be able to share a current favorite lab joke with my boyfriend, but usually it turns out that he has no idea what I am talking about. So I decided to share all my favorite jokes with you.

Whose are all the drawings/pictures/photos?
The drawings, photos and all other content is mine except if stated otherwise at the end of the post. All content that is not mine is linked to the source.

Can I feature your content on my blog?page?
If you want to use some of my photos or content, all I ask is that you give proper credit/links. Note that unless otherwise specified, all of the content of this blog is my own intellectual property.